Student orientation is your official introduction to the IUPUI campus after you have been admitted. You will meet with an advisor, schedule your first semester classes, and learn about the university and its resources in just a few hours. Orientations are offered at multiple times throughout the day and week to help accommodate schedules.

To reserve your orientation, visit welcome.iupui.edu and use the online reservation system to set up an appointment. If you have questions about orientation, contact a DCO success coach or Orientation Services directly.

DCO connect

Get an introduction to the resources and support we offer adult learners, whether you are a prospective or current student.

If you do not have an IU username and passphrase, follow the link below the log-in button in Canvas to create an IU guest account. 

IU Online

The Online Student Onboarding course in Expand will walk you through everything you need to know to be successful as an online student at Indiana University. It will cover topics such as academics, financial aid, career development, and more. 

If you are a prospective student, you can still view the course to get an idea of what to expect as an online student at IU. When you click Log In or Sign Up on the course page, you will be taken to the IU Expand log-in page. Beneath the log-in button, look for the link to create an IU guest account. 

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