Cost/Financial Aid

Affording your degree

We understand the role that finances play in the decision to return to school, whether it's to complete your bachelor's degree or to start anew. From federal aid to scholarships and loans, there are so many options to consider when investing in your continued education. It's normal (and understandable!) to feel overwhelmed or confused by all of the information out there. That's why we're here. Below are resources to get you started but get in touch with us today to start mapping out your own plan to fulfill your goals.

Costs & Fees

IUPUI works hard to keep tuition as low as possible. Your tuition will depend, in part, on the degree program you choose to study, the number of credit hours you take per semester, and Indiana residency status.

To make it easier for you to see how much your degree will cost at IUPUI—and to experiment with different scenarios (such as varying hours/semester)—we’ve developed an interactive Tuition & Fee Estimator (this will open in a new window). You may need to reference a specific program to more accurately estimate fees—to learn about flexible degree programs that the university has hand-picked for returning adult students, visit our Programs page.

Financial Aid


If you are a U.S. citizen, your first financial aid step should be to fill out your FAFSA form! FAFSA determines your eligibility for federal, state, and IUPUI financial aid, including grants and loans. Visit the Student Financial Services site for more information on filling out FAFSA. The IUPUI school code is 001813.

Scholarship Central

The Office of Student Scholarships has a library of resources for all students seeking scholarships—whether you've never stepped foot in a college classroom or are returning after a hiatus.


Grant money is awarded to students by the university or the government, and requires no repayment. For more information about grants, visit the Office of Student Financial Services.


You can borrow loans from the government (you must complete your FAFSA!) or private lenders. Before considering private loans, we always recommend exploring applying for federal aid. Federal loans tend to have better terms and lower interest rates. To learn more, visit the Office of Student Financial Services.


The MoneySmarts program from the Office of Financial Literacy was design to help you make informed financial decisions before, during, and after your time at IUPUI. You can take financial literacy classes, talk to a peer mentor, or just study up on financial literacy topics online. Visit Money Smarts.

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