Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

All students admitted to the School of Engineering and Technology who can demonstrate learning through professional prior learning portfolio assessment or ACE recommendations for military service (E5 or higher rank with honorable discharge) may be eligible to earn college credit for the following courses:

Students admitted to programs outside of the School of Engineering and Technology who would benefit from earning prior learning credit for PLA-eligible courses must meet with Elizabeth Wager before enrolling in TCM 43500 Portfolio Preparation or before gaining access to the School of Engineering and Technology Prior Learning Portfolio Preparation Canvas site. Call (317) 278-0286 to schedule a phone interview or appointment.

Students with extensive leadership or technical communication background who are admitted to any of the programs listed below should contact the Department of Technology Leadership and Communication before enrolling in their first semester of coursework at IUPUI to ensure they are not eligible to develop a professional prior learning portfolio for other program-level course requirements.

  • Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership and Supervision (OLS)
  • Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication (TCM)
  • Certificate in Human Resource Management (OLS)
  • Certificate in Leadership Studies (OLS)
  • Certificate in Technical Communication (TCM)

Credit for Exam-Based Credentials

Students who hold a current or recent professional certification in any of the areas below with five or more years of work experience will be eligible to receive credit based on their demonstration of learning through successful completion of the professional examination. Students must provide evidence (documentation) of their credential(s) awarded by the organization providing the certification. Documentation can be submitted during the first year of academic studies at IUPUI. No portfolio or other documentation is required to earn credit based on professional certifications listed below. Please note that credit cannot be awarded to students who are not currently enrolled or who are not in good academic standing.

  • Professional Human Resources Certification (PHR)
  • Senior Professional Human Resources Certification (SPHR)
  • OSHA 30/40
  • Lean Six Sigma (green belt or higher)
  • Certified Quality Engineer (CQE)
  • Project Management Institute (PMI or Cap-M)

Test Out (IUPUI Testing Center)

Students who can demonstrate that they have equivalent knowledge of the material have the option to test out of select courses at IUPUI. Passing the course test-out or equivalency exam means students will be waived the requirement of taking the course and will be able to choose another course to meet their overall required credits.