What a bachelor's degree tells employers.

Joe M. is not unlike several other students who is considering returning to complete a degree. He completed his associate degree in radiography and has enjoyed a long career working directly with patients to perform medical imaging and X rays. His work is stable but he sees . . .

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Should I go back to school?

When you first start a job, you might think that the sky is the limit—nothing but clear blue skies with an unlimited ceiling. However, after two or three years of working the same job with the same responsibilities that the once unlimited . . .

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Life happens, but you still need a bachelor's degree.

Over the years as an advisor, mentor, and success coach, I’ve managed to nail down some themes or patterns that a number of adult students seem to have in common as they embark upon completing their degrees. For instance, a particular student comes to mind—let’s call her Jane. Jane has . . .

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Find out how you can complete your degree