Student Stories

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Avis Frieson.

Learning opens up opportunities

Avis's time at IUPUI has given her the confidence and critical thinking skills to be a voice for those who are underserved.

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Kari Fisher.

Support and resources at IUPUI make a difference

Learn how the flexibility of online and on-campus courses is helping Kari earn her bachelor's degree while she works full time.

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Luis Muela.

Overcoming obstacles to finish a degree

Since his return to college, Luis has diligently sought out all of IUPUI's academic resources, and it has made all the difference for him!

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A professor teaching class.

What a bachelor's degree tells employers

Joe is not unlike several other students who is considering returning to complete a degree. He completed an associate degree in radiography and has enjoyed a long career working with patients.

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An adult student studying.

Should I go back to school?

When you first start a job, it may seem like the sky is the limit, but after a few years of working, you may discover there is no room to advance or that you need a degree. It may be time for a change.

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A female adult student talking with her classmates.

Life happens, but you still need a bachelor's degree

Jane’s life has a theme that resonates with many adults returning to finish college: life happened. With a family and a job, she left college behind. Now in her early thirties, another pattern has emerged.

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Why I chose to return to college

Take a glimpse at three adult students who returned to IUPUI to complete their degrees. Visit the Degree Completion Office at IUPUI for your opportunity to finish the goal you started—all with the help of dedicated success coaches ready to guide you from application to graduation.

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