Opening Up Opportunities

Learning opens up opportunities

Avis Frieson is a mother, grandmother, wife, full-time employee, and current college student. Determined to see her three children achieve their own successes before focusing on her personal goals, Avis put college on hold as a young adult. She supported her children through high school diplomas, undergraduate degrees, and a master’s program. She recognizes how those educational opportunities have impacted their lives so greatly.

In 2011, Avis joined the IUPUI student family in pursuit of an associate degree. She was paired with success coach Desiree Jaynes who helped Avis navigate the process of becoming an adult learner and equipped her with the resources needed in preparation for a successful transition. “Desiree is phenomenal. She knows me, assists me step-by-step, and takes all of the guesswork out of it.”

Avis Frieson.

I feel like I am able to give a voice to more of life’s situations.

Avis Frieson | General Studies

Avis earned her associate degree in 2014 and was inspired to continue her education. She is currently working to complete her bachelor's degree in General Studies. Her student experience at IUPUI has helped her become better at what she does in her career and has allowed her to become a more helpful and meaningful employee and community member. Avis said, “The more I learn, the more I want to continue learning. It helps me feel prepared for life; it opens up many possibilities and opportunities.”

At IUPUI, Avis has been able to create a flexible and convenient schedule that allows her to take courses online as well as onsite. She values the community of adult learners where she is able to interact freely with like-minded individuals who work to support and to encourage one another. Through the process, she was able to improve her time management skills and establish a healthy work-school-life balance. She looks forward to graduating in two semesters and is exploring the opportunities of a graduate degree in either philanthropy or social work.

Avis’s education journey has given her a confidence boost to voice her opinions in more of life’s situations and has allowed her to be more prepared for whatever may lie ahead. When asked if she could impart any advice to those who are thinking about going back to school as an adult, she said, “I think it is easier to learn when you have life experience. You are never too old to learn.”

Learning opens up opportunities

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