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Support and resources at IUPUI make a difference

Kari Fisher began working in an hourly position as a young adult and within a year moved to full-time employment. She hadn’t felt inspired or motivated to pursue college, and after starting a family, found that she had little time to devote to focused learning. Twenty-one years later, she completed her associate degree at IUPUI. Working closely with Sherry Hutchens, a member of the DCO team, Kari learned of prior learning assessment credits, which provides a range of options for participants to earn course credit from life experience and workplace credentials. This program gave Kari the boost she needed to continue her studies toward a bachelor’s degree in General Studies.

Kari Fisher.

Earning a bachelor’s degree helps me in my career and has provided me a great opportunity for personal growth and accomplishment.

Kari Fisher | General Studies

Through IUPUI, Kari has been able to create a very personalized and flexible schedule, allowing her to take courses online and on campus when it is convenient for her busy schedule. With the guidance and support of her success coach, Kari is able to stay on track and keep her life balanced. She found the experience was tailored to her needs, which is the IUPUI approach to supporting adult learners throughout their school career. Open communication and encouragement from both program leaders and fellow adult students helped Kari achieve her goals. She said, “There was a lot of interaction with other adult learners. There are plenty of networking opportunities where you meet people who help you find your balance and keep you motivated.”

Kari worked through many challenges as any adult returning to school and attributes much of her success to the wealth of resources that IUPUI provides to make each student’s transition as easy as possible. She said, “They offer well-informed advisors, student resources, a student-oriented experience, help with time management, mentoring programs, study labs, and student interaction.”

When asked if there was any advice that Kari would give to other adults thinking about returning to school, she said, “It is important to have family commitment and support. Know your timeline, your limits, and work to keep it manageable.”

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Support and resources at IUPUI make a difference

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